Window Tinting Acura MN

 Window Tinting In MN (Acura)

Bravo Protection Products installed 3M Window Tint to this Acura. The customer was looking to change the look of there vehicle while staying cool in the summer months in MN. With there new window tint in place they were able to protect there skin from the harmful UV rays as well as block out any heat. If you want to change the look of your Acura and live in MN give Bravo a call today for a free window tint estimate. (952) 476-7025

Window Tinting on Acura in MN

Before Window Tint

Window Tinting on Acura in MN

After Window Tint

Window Tinting on Acura in MN

Acrua With the (2) Front Windows Tinted

Acura SUV’s are one of the most common window tint installations for Bravo. Most of these vehicles come with factory installed tint in the rear glass and nothing on the front two windows. This leaves the vehicle with a unfinished look. By installing a 3M film on the front windows the customer is able to make the vehicle look more uniform. Most common install is to apply a 50% tint to the front two windows. There are numerous reasons why customers choose to install on just the front windows. The film helps reduce heat, UV Rays, and helps to keep the glass in a contained area in the event of a side impact.

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